If you love helping people and your passion is to support the quality of life for the people in your community…

If you want to be challenged and are looking for a professional community of honest explorers and life-long learners …

We are seeking passionately curious exercise professionals who really want to think, not just follow mindless protocols and routines. If you are thirsty for more knowledge and skills so you can help people enjoy a higher quality of life by improving their muscle and joint system capabilities – so they can move pain free (or at least with less pain), then you have found the right place.

Our Vision:

To inspire accredited exercise professionals and allied health care practitioners to think, explore, and reimagine new paths for exercise and its applications.

We offer the best personal trainer continuing education, that is suited for athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, coaches, massage therapists, and body workers.

Exercise Professional Education provides leading-edge continuing education content that covers everything from sales interviewing, marketing, inter-personal communication, neuroscience, physics, decision science, philosophy, complex systems theory, and more!

Our Mission:

Build and deliver high quality continuing education course content to support the career success of professionals who leverage exercise in practice.

These courses will help you raise your session value, retain clients, increase your income, and increase your competitive advantage.

The information and course content is about learning to work and think like a natural scientist; collecting observational data, building hypotheses, setting up experiments, corroborating data points, and thinking critically at a deeper level and get outside the traditional box in order to solve complex problems associated with movement control and pain – with a new paradigm of exercise.


Increase Your Problem Solving Skills

Start Thinking & Start Thriving 

The courses available from Exercise Professional Education are specifically designed to teach passionate and committed professionals – like you – an entire client relationship building process, from what do say and do – and not say or do – at the initial “hello”, to fostering a lifetime professional relationship with your clients.

The course content will significantly contribute to your professional development.

From sales, marketing, and interpersonal communication, to the technical skills necessary to address the physical issues your clients present, you’ll learn how to build long-term professional relationships using exercise as a potent process for improving the quality of life of your clients even in the face of pain and disease.


Want Some Background on the Philosophy and Underlying Constructs for the

Exercise Professional Education approach?

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It is time to Rethink Exercise!

With this robust instruction, you will improve your sales interviewing acumen, grow your business, avoid burnout, and offer a unique and potent exercise-based problem solving service to support your client’s health and wellness needs – for life!

“Exercise is not a mere variant of the condition of rest, it is the essence of the machine.”

Sir Joseph Barcroft 1934

Don’t believe it? Take a look into our process.

Our course offerings include:

  • Exercise and Pain: A New Perspective – An Introduction to the Philosophy, Strategies, and Tactics for Assessing and Improving Bio-Motor Control Quality.
  • Exercise and Physics: Improve the Client Experience by
    Understanding the How of Mechanics
  • Pre and Post Treatment Muscle Assessment: A Novel Approach to Improving Performance (for Certified Athletic Trainers)
  • Muscle System Specialist Certification Course: LIVE!
  • Muscle System Specialist Certification Course: On-Line
  • Muscle System Specialist: Advanced Course 1 – Decision Making, Session Planning, and Exercise Process (for graduates of the full MSS Course LIVE! or On-Line)
  • Muscle System Specialist: Advanced Course 2 – Observing and Understanding Individual Motricity and Its Subjectiveness in a Concrescent System (for graduates of the full MSS Course LIVE! or On-Line)
  • Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals: Sales Process and Interviewing​ (Available On-line)

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Pros Teaching Pros: Our Practitioners & Facilitators

All our courses and programs are led by dedicated and experienced exercise professionals to give students superb instruction. With qualified facilitators around the U.S. Canada, and the UK, we make an effort to offer classes in varied locations to provide optimal opportunities for people to participate.

Meet our Facilitators

Meet Our Certified Practitioners

Meet Greg Mack – Founder of, and Course Director for, Exercise Professional Education – by watching the brief video below.

Giving Our Students The Best

Founder and CEO Greg Mack saw a need for educating exercise professionals from all disciplines with a goal of providing fresh and exciting educational content that supports career aspirations.

We aim to always provide our students with useful, beneficial, and practical content.

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Who We Serve

At Exercise Professional Education, we offer our instructional courses to personal trainers, fitness instructors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and other professionals who love to think and solve problems and use exercise in their practice.

Our unique philosophy and methodologies will open up a world of possibilities for exercise and healthcare professionals, allowing them to more accurately assess and meet their clients’ needs by offering them exercise-based services they simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

If you are a thinker, and like to solve complex problems, then you are in the right place!

Want to learn more about accelerating  your career as an exercise specialist? Contact Exercise Professional Education today!

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