Muscle System Specialist Certification – Written Examination

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General Outline of the Content Domains Responsible for…

  1. Weekend 1 Content:
  • Transactional Analysis Terms and Definitions (e.g. Stroke, PAC)
  • Sales Role Defined
  • Communication Strategies and Tactics (e.g. Setting Rules, Pain Indicator, OK/Not Okay)
  • Selling Terms and Definitions (e.g. Wishy-washy, Pinata, I/R, Suspect vs. Prospect)
  • Selling System Order of Events
  1. Weekend 2 Content 

  • Terms and Definitions (e.g. Protocol, Hormesis, Allostasis)
  • Assessment Observations and Purposes (Posture, SARS, Blood Pressure, Limb Motion)
  1. Weekend 3 Content 

  • Decision Making (e.g. Framing, Triggers, Biases, Expected Utility, Prospect Theory)
  • Worldviews (Reductionism, Empiricism, Rationalism)
  • Science Methodologies (Science definition, Newton’s Laws, Signal Detection Theory)
  • Phase 1 Mobility Profiling
  • Phase 1 Planning (e.g. Different types of objectives)
  • Phase 1 Report of Findings
  • Communication with Medical Providers (e.g. Narrative)
  1. Weekend 4 Content 

  • Phase 2 Assessment (E.g. Excursion and Strength-Endurance)
  • Submaximal Cardiovascular Screening
  • Phase 2 Strength-Stability Profiling
  • Phase 2 Planning (e.g. Different types of objectives)
  • Phase 2 Report of Findings

Time limit for the exam: 1 hour, 30 minutes


1. There is only one correct answer per question.

2. If there are unanswered questions when time expires then those answers will be counted as incorrect.

3. 70% correct answers represents a passing score

4.You have three attempts to pass the written examination.

5. You have 72 hours following the termination of your first exam to make the other two attempts. After that please contact Exercise Professional Education, LLC at

6. Following the successful passing of the written exam please call Exercise Professional Education, LLC at 614-989-1465 to schedule your practical examination.

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