Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals Course – LIVE!

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28 hours of live delivery – with a complete workbook of the course and documents necessary to execute the process in your practice..

As an exercise professional, of any ilk, the ability to conduct effective interviews of possible clients is critical to build a financially successful practice filled with high quality clients and patients.

This course is about decision making and how the process works to systematically move from the initial contact to the Face-to-Face consultation where a clear YES or NO will be made about engaging a professional relationship.

It is filled with communication strategies and tactics that will save you and your prospect time, as well as make the sales process more fun and relaxed for both of you.



Ethical Selling for Exercise Professionals

This powerful 20 hours of content is delivered as a full immersion event.

The course will build the hypothesis that the modern sales transaction is fundamentally broken. Therefore, a new approach is necessary. This course represents a new approach. This approach leverages five important content domains that inform its philosophy and methods:

Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s Research on Human Communication

Dr. Henry Tajfel’s research on Social Identity Theory

Dr. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis

Sandler Sales Institute

Neurocognitive Science

There is simply no other program like it. It will change you approach to the sales process and make it less stressful for you and your potential customer.


Course Objectives and Goals

  • Conscious Competency in selling/ representing your professional skills to the individuals in your community.
  • Tools for building a solid self-sustaining professional Health and Fitness practice.


Session Descriptions

Selling – What’s it all about?

This is the introduction to the course content. The history, current perceptions of sales, from the consumer and salesperson perspectives, is explored. A brief review of the entire sales system is introduced along with the definition of selling.


Sales – Don’t Take It Personally

This session looks at the mental and emotional issues associated with the selling process. It starts the conversation about why the sales process is often perceived as stressful and fearful.


Ego Matters – The Transactions of Selling

This session introduces the construct of Transactional Analysis as a basis for analyzing and understanding the psychology of a sales transaction.


Keeping the Prospect Comfortable

This session continues the methodology of Transactional Analysis and introduces the findings of Dr. Henri Tajfel and Dr. Albert Meharabian in regards to social identity theory and human communication. These concepts are critical components to understanding human communication and learning effective strategies for improving it.



This session builds on the previous sessions and introduces the neurocognitive underpinnings of influencing others in a positive and constructive way.


Questions are the Answer

This session establishes the fundamental skill in effective selling behavior – how and when to ask relevant and poignant questions in order to discover the prospect’s backstory and underlying motivations for decision making.


Don’t Let the Prospect Break Your Pinata

This session helps in the understanding of why and how the consumer can put the sales professional on their heels and control the conversation – often to their own detriment. Specific techniques will be taught to respond effectively to a consumer’s barrage of questions.


Your System

This session provides the full explanation of the Sales System.  What to say and do, and what not to say and do, in each step of the system is reviewed in detail.


Selling Rules

This section contains a list of the thinking and behavioral rules to follow when implementing the sales system.


Practice, Practice, Practice

This section contains a series of scenarios that can be used to practice the various strategies and techniques presented in the system.


Lessons Learned

This section will be the holding place for each of the Lessons Learned completed during the coursework.


First Contact

This session will introduce the critical components for managing the initial contact made with the prospect. It will define the various ways human’s structure time and what the formal and informal rules of behavior are for each.


The Initial Consultation

This session will review what the first face-to-face meeting with a prospect should look like in principle and practice.


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