Our Vision:

To inspire accredited exercise professionals and allied health care practitioners to think, explore, and reimagine new paths for exercise and its applications.

We offer the best personal trainer continuing education, that is suited for athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, coaches, massage therapists, and bodyworkers.

Exercise Professional Education provides leading-edge continuing education content that covers everything from sales interviewing, marketing, interpersonal communication, neuroscience, physics, decision science, philosophy, complex systems theory, and more!

Our Mission:

Build and deliver high-quality continuing education course content to support the career success of professionals who leverage exercise in practice.

These courses will help you raise your session value, retain clients, increase your income, and increase your competitive advantage. The information and course content is about learning to work and think like a natural scientist; collecting observational data, building hypotheses, setting up experiments, corroborating data points, and thinking critically at a deeper level, and get outside the traditional box in order to solve complex problems associated with movement control and pain – with a new paradigm of exercise.


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