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We are a group of genuinely curious exercise professionals who strive to keep looking for new answers and ideas regarding the creation and implementation of exercise to the problems and opportunities of human health and wellness.

We leverage the group discourse and dynamic in order to foster individual thinking and individual action. We do not desire to create group think, in-group bias, or a professional cult-like mentality.

We value the unique and diverse knowledge and experience of each member and subject our ideas, hypotheses, theories, and methods to critical peer review and scrutiny.

We love science processes and embrace the art of application of skills, techniques, and strategies to each unique client profile.

We want to get a little better at what we do with each passing week.

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Giving Our Students The Best

Founder and CEO Greg Mack saw a need for a educating exercise professionals all throughout the practice continuum. With a goal of providing fresh and exciting educational content that supports career aspirations, we aim to always provide our students with useful, beneficial content.

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Who We Serve

At Exercise Professional Education, we offer our instructional courses to personal trainers, fitness instructors, and others who want to enhance what they can offer their exercise clients. Our techniques open up a world of possibilities for fitness professionals, allowing them to more accurately meet their clients’ needs and offer them fitness services they won’t be able to find anywhere else.