Exercise Professionals Club – Learn More to Make More!

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Exercise Professionals Club – Learn More to Make More!

$20.00 / month

A monthly membership that provides access to relevant research, exercise related topics, and other critical subjects that will contribute to your knowledge, build your practice, and sharpen your ability to think and solve complex problems within the frame of exercise!


As an Exercise Professionals Club monthly member, you will have access to several fun and informative features:

Exercise Relevant Research Reviews

Video Library and PDF Downloads of topics including:

    1. Neuroscience,
    2. Bio-Materials,
    3. Bio-Motor Control,
    4. Pathology,
    5. Physiology,
    6. Anatomy,
    7. Decision Making,
    8. and more!
    9. Special Discounts for online and live courses

Think Critically + Thrive Abundantly

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