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Exercise Professional Education represents almost 30 years of professional work in muscle science and personal training. We provide fresh and exciting educational content that supports your exercise professional career.

Our History

Founded in 1991 by Greg Mack, ACE-CMES, ACE-CPFT, ExerciseProEd.com is an extension of Fitness Opportunities, Inc. dba Physicians Fitness in Columbus, Ohio. ​Our educational material incorporates over 27 years of education, knowledge, and experience gained from applying exercise process in private homes, training studios, commercial gyms, chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics, and a community hospital to a diverse population.

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Enhancing the Education of Exercise Professionals

When looking at the landscape of ​​​the exercise industry, Greg realized that something was missing. The continuing education offered among personal training organizations was a hodge-podge of information promoting the latest technique to “release” this or “functionalize” that. It looked like a tumultuous sea of competing philosophies and disconnected notions of how exercise should be done. There wasn’t a complete system of practice that addressed the entire continuum: from how to handle the first contact with a potential client, collecting relevant information about where to even begin an exercise process (let alone deciding if you should), to integrating the marketing and communication to the medical community, and ethically and rationally building a long-term professional relationship with a client, and coaching them across their lifespan in regards to exercise and wellness programming.

Exercise Professional Education and the Muscle System Specialist program gives you the opportunity to learn and focus on these skills to improve yourself professionally.

Inside Our Courses

The philosophical basis for the course content is unique and does not follow the mainstream views of working with the body like what we refer to as the “fabric paradigm” (which sees the body as a material akin to Play-Doh or Silly Putty that needs to be kneaded, stretched, and smashed in order to make it work and feel better). Nor does the course content proselytize the body-view of “functionalism” and all its pseudo-religious denominations. This paradigm posits that exercise should always mimic or reflect the natural way the body moves – whatever that means – and activities of daily living, and that in order to be effective, an exercise must involve the whole body simultaneously during an exercise, decrying “isolation” and “those stupid machines like the seated knee extension and the seated shoulder press.”

Our Perspective

The Material

The material is suited for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, performance enhancement specialists, and exercise physiologists. Any exercise professional who wants to think in a new complex systems and informatics way, and use an expanded view of exercise to improve client health and wellness, will benefit from this material.

The Coursework

The core coursework is the Muscle System Specialist Course. This material covers critical topics for Exercise Professionals, including:

    • Professional Identity and Role Delineation
    • Sales Interviewing
    • Transactional Analysis

    • Physical Assessment
    • Data Analysis
    • Decision Making
    • Program Planning
    • Client Education
    • Communication with Medical Providers

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Supplemental Material Provided

Participants will receive all relevant documents for executing the system. A Certification is available for those who choose to pursue the credential. Here is a video clip from the course, where Greg Mack is sharing a brief self-introduction.

Friends & Partners

Exercise Professional Education partners with a number of organizations dedicated to musculoskeletal study and research, as well as connection and promotional opportunities. These organizations include: