Muscle System Specialist Certification – Practical Examination

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Muscle System Specialist Certification – Practical Examination


The Practical Examination is a combination of performing various aspects of the consultation process, the assessment process, the analysis and decision-making process, the report of findings process, the field screens, and using the various contraction modes. As the Testee, you are required to bring two completed real client case files for review by the examiner.

3.5 Hours is allotted to complete the practical examination (approximately 10 minutes per requirement)


Post Practical Examination

The Examiner(s) will progressively score each requirement and add the line entry score to obtain a final total.

The Examiner(s) will review the examination results with the Testee and show what areas need to be reviewed for both passing and non-passing scores.

If less than 70 points have been scored, then a re-examination will be scheduled within 6 months.

There is a limit of 3 re-examinations.

If the Testee cannot pass the examination following 4 total attempts they can either abandon the process or retake the specific MSS Weekends (at their expense) that teach the requirements that are contributing to the non-passing final score.


General Outline of the Content Domains Responsible for…

  1. Weekend 2 Content 

  • Terms and Definitions (e.g. Protocol, Hormesis, Allostasis)
  • Assessment Observations and Purposes (Posture, SARS, Blood Pressure, Limb Motion)

      2. Weekend 3 Content 

  • Decision Making (e.g. Framing, Triggers, Biases, Expected Utility, Prospect Theory)
  • Worldviews (Reductionism, Empiricism, Rationalism)
  • Science Methodologies (Science definition, Newton’s Laws, Signal Detection Theory)
  • Phase 1 Mobility Profiling
  • Phase 1 Planning (e.g. Different types of objectives)
  • Phase 1 Report of Findings
  • Communication with Medical Providers (e.g. Narrative)

3. Weekend 4 Content 

  • Phase 2 Assessment (E.g. Excursion and Strength-Endurance)
  • Submaximal Cardiovascular Screening
  • Phase 2 Strength-Stability Profiling
  • Phase 2 Planning (e.g. Different types of objectives)
  • Phase 2 Report of Findings

Time limit for the exam: 3 hours, 30 minutes


You will need to schedule your Practical Examination with an Approved EPE Examiner and make all travel and hotel accommodations yourself. Dates and Times are scheduled at the discretion of the EPE Examiner. Please see the Examiner List below to find an approved EPE Examiner that is closest or most convenient for you to schedule with. You can choose whomever you’d like. When you get scheduled please notify EPE at

    • Jay Weitzner
      • Naples, Florida 203-382-4913
    • Tim Livingston
      • Shelton, Connecticut 860-462-6494
    • Brandon O’Connor
      • Austin, Texas 512-633-9007
    • Dominick Nusdeu
      • Houston, Texas  203-500-4438
    • Andrew Hoppert
      • Glendale, Wisconsin 920-698-0597
    • Charlie Rowe
      • Columbus, Ohio 614-917-3274
    • Hope Gaston
      • San Diego, California  857-869-0190
    • Curtis Van Wyck
      • Bothell, Washington 425-949-2529
  • You will be required to bring two complete client files for review by the examiner. Please get permission from the client/patient to use their file for the exam. If you can not obtain approval then the names of the client/patient must be redacted.
  • You will be responsible for every line entry on all of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Assessment Documents. The Examiner will pick randomly from the various sections in each document for you to explain, perform, and record those observations.
  • 70% correct answers represents a passing score.
  • You have three attempts to pass the practical examination.
  • You have 6 months following the termination of your first exam to make the other two attempts. After that please contact Exercise Professional Education, LLC at
  • Following the successful passing of the practical exam please call Exercise Professional Education, LLC to receive your Muscle System Specialist Certification Diploma. EPE will confirm the passing of both the Written and Practical Examinations.
  • A Pre-Examination Preparation Study Pack is available for your review prior to taking the examination. Click on this link:

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