Exercise and Physics:
Improve athlete care and performance with a better understanding of biomechanics application to exercise prescription.

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Exercise and Physics: Improve athlete care and performance with a better understanding of biomechanics application to exercise prescription.




A live, one-day, Category A, workshop for Certified Athletic Trainers with more than two years of experience. This course contributes to the domains of physical assessment, injury and wellness promotion, and therapeutic intervention.


With a better understanding of the principles of physics (classical mechanics – statics, dynamics and kinematics, and thermodynamics – energy, work), your department will have a deeper understanding and capacity to create and prescribe effective exercises for athletes.

Course Description

This 8-hour course has been developed by Greg Mack, ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Andrew Hoppert, ATC, CMSS, CPT. Greg has 30+ years of professional practice experience, founded Physicians Fitness, LLC, the Exercise Professional Education LLC, and has developed the Muscle System Specialist Certification Process.

Course Objectives and Goals


  1. Define Exercise.
  2. Understand the construct, and use, of exercise to manipulate critical variables, and understand which cannot be manipulated.
  3. Analyze current testing protocols and resistance training program to gain a new perspective.
  4. Review of key anatomical structures and their material properties and why knowing the physics/mechanics may reduce the wear and tear on the body’s various materials and enhance desired adaptations.
  5. Gain practical experience applying the principles of statics to the human body via exercise.


  1. Understand the basic concepts and definitions of classical physics (e.g., force, torque, moment, kinetic energy) and how understanding these terms provide practical application to improving athlete exercise prescription.
  2. Understand how to identify the variables of, and analyze, the statics of, a specific exercise scenario.
  3. Gain practical experience manipulating the variables of traditional exercise in order to create new exercise experiences for an athlete.
  4. Learn to predict and solve problems with the athlete’s movement and control system.
  5. Create and Apply exercise in novel ways to expand the athlete’s unique experience

What You Will Learn

The overarching idea with this course is to start the process of facilitating a common language, based in physics, for communication within a Sports Medicine Department. A common language will increase team member understanding and cooperation when conducting athlete testing, test data interpretation, and promulgating exercise prescriptions. This will foster a work process and culture that impacts athlete health, game readiness, prevent injury, and improve recovery if injured for a faster and safer return to play. It may also increase player confidence in the overall strength/conditioning, sports science and medical process as they hear a consistent language, and explanations, being used to support their efforts to perform at their full potential.

This One-Day Course’s Big Picture is based on 4 Key Concepts:

  1. The Relationship between Exercise, Physics, and Bio-Motor Control
  2. The Body View of Bio-Motor Configurationalism
  3. The Variables of Exercise
  4. The interaction of Physics and Anatomy

Course Location

Muscle Dynamics

6789 N. Green Bay Ave.

Glendale, WI 53209

Course Begins at 8:30am CST

Please arrive 30 minutes early to register

Lunch for one hour at 11:30am

Course ends at 5:30pm


Exercise Professional Education, LLC (BOC AP#: P10183.) is approved by the

Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers.

This program is eligible for a maximum of 8 Live, Category A hours/CEUs.

ATs should claim only those hours actually spent in the educational program.

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Cancellations received at least 7 business days before the event are 100% refundable. There will be no refund for cancellations received later. If participants register and do not attend, they are still responsible for full payment. 
Participants will need to contact Exercise Professional Education, LLC via phone or email with a request for refund:

Telephone #: (614) 442-8100
         Email: gtmack01@mac.com.

Exercise Professional Education LLC will process the participant’s refund within 3‐5 business days from the date the request is received via mail or email.

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